Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I did a little browsing and found out that

It's time to get a little active
I browse some post to keep intact my motives
I've seen myself a follower
I've been a fan, now I have to be more of a lover

though I have been a lover but somehow I have lost
I regret for pushing my hunn in the situation she hated the most
I say words back then are treasure chest
I hate myself making it a pain in the chest

18th birthday, we're chained and hourglass, I read it all
before this day ends makes me shiver once more
I will be the one who make you wrote those again
I will be the one to make you feel that way again

In times like this, I know I'll read your piece
It gives me an idea how it is
to bethe one you always liked, ME
the one that you love, ME

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