Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rhyming while thinking of my hunn

Free flowing, emotions arising we're high and transcending
a crazy world with full of possibilities surrounded by failures without capabilities
we're always at our prime even sometimes running out of dime but never time
Problems pops, at times tears won't stop but at the end of the day our love never stops
I love you with all my might, we both know what is right and we'll wait till we reach the day that we'll be both wearing white
Some people may delay, some people would just likely to stay even though they causes such dismay all of these won't be a factor if we have each other all day
Constant communication creates a great connection between us results in sensible discussions and meaningful conversations
And by times we missed each other, we just think and never let someone bother while thinking soon we'll see each other
mood swings, go deep inside our minds and made us think
Now thinking of the future, we have a lot to nurture to improve what we'll have for our future feature
Rest assured, I'll be sure to make our lives meaningful despite of hardships and ridicule still this will remain as a whole.

PS: tamad mag edit..