Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Silence isn't nothing

I do have a plain and simple plan
and I'm so sure I don't have any fan
with this plan, I have started the race
It's set regardless of what people I face

While Fear and Shame lurking in my mind
I compartmentalize, conquer myself and find
the sea of people, fazed, intrigued about my disguise
the hate, wait, faith carved in their face as I shoot them with lies

I laugh to the fullest I think I'm the smartest
their ignorance completely describe how a failure they are
I'm not make believing because it's better than not knowing
I'm an ignoramus, better off leaving their mind confusing

With this plan that I'll lead I do not wish to succeed
instead, I just have to retain the recent status that people believe
people have been divided, defied and have been denied the truth
for my silence, never reached their minds because of a stupid fool
So I ain't gonna talk but I am gonna walk
to move forward, to motivate and talk
love drove me to stay this way although i know i'll be in shame
but I am sure, all will be pissed off at the end cursing me by name.
Does my silence puzzle your mind?

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