Friday, October 16, 2009

The Neutral Friend

I'm your neutral friend
I'm not a friend in deed
and definitely not that friend
when you're in need

I don't give any advice
but I do have some words
which can serve as a guide
to bother your time and add some spice

I'm far different compared to those stereotypes
yet I'm close being the ones with the positive insights
theres some point that I can develop something
and some point that I can ruin everything

I'm not really the type of friend to keep
and don't even bother to get involved with me too deep
for I can abandon all of you in an instance
so remember to keep your heads up and measure the distance

So am i good? or am I bad?
the answer is neutral, not chosing a side
well it is actually chosing a side
and that side is not chosing a side

maybe I'm somewhere in between?
altering the good and the bad at certain situations
maybe I'm not your friend?
pity you for considering me as one, because I don't

or this is just merely over thinking and this doesn't matter at all.
after all, you have a neutral friend to call. :))

1 comment:

  1. If You Ask Me,
    He Is Definitely NOT A Neutral Friend :)
    Right B2? Hahahaha Dodii's With Me :P