Sunday, October 25, 2009

A letter to B-One

Dear B1,

I am very thankful that you are so eager to come by here and spend time with me.
Though I know you have a lot to consider by the time I invited you, still you answered me positively with no hesitations. The only concern is whether the "higher authority" will let you go or not. But that's not the problem at all since few days after that you actually confirmed that you're coming. At first I am just grateful that finally! finally, there's a good friend whom I can bring at the night out. For a while I never thinked of you, I have in my mind that you'll come and it's given, I don't have to go further to you as my subject. My mind was focused on something that was actually nothing soon as I find out. Then things continue to progress and I started realizing that those something around me were actually nothing. It was empty, I feel like deserted, No I am deserted, I just feel like more than that. Then I actually removed the possibility of something and focuses on what I might have. Then I thinked of you, I remembered, I recalled you are not something. definitely not something, for you're the real thing.

Then I started thinking of you, the next time I know, I'm rationalizing. I asked myself Why? Why did you say yes? though you can say No that easily, there's a dozen of reasons why you have to say No and you end up saying yes. I'm not much of a good friend, I admit. I do make you laugh sometimes, but I do annoy you as well. I have never done something significant for you but Im sure you have done a lot for me. The votes and other stuffs I can't remember. as for what I've done for you, it's just a mere thanks everytime after you vote. So I clearly don't see any reason why you have to go. But then I answered in your behalf, by "what ifs" a lot of what ifs actually, I have thought a lot of good reasons and there could be a possibility that there's no reason at all. I'm puzzled, confused I overthink I questioned but all I have for an answer is my thoughts. Stupid move though I have learned If you want to know something about a person, then ask that person. Despite the fact that I know that, The truth is I'm afraid to ask, it might implicate an idea that I don't want you to go or other ideas you might think on why I asked that question. Then I ignored it and focus on you again. This time to know you more, we conversed and stay late night exchange a lot of ideas, invent jargons on us and a lot more.

I have to tell you it's fun. I would like having more of those, I would like to know more of you because suddenly you're interesting. I wish it could stay like this even after the night out. Also, I would like you to know that you've been a good friend, one of the best I've had. A friend to keep. This is my way of saying thanks, as you have said "I'm a man of words" I'll dedicate to you this epic post. Whether you like it or not it doesn't matter, the most important thing is the message that it'll deliver. If you have fun reading then thanks and If you don't I'm sorry for wasting your time. OVER and OUT.


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  1. Thank You So Much For This Very Touching Post, Seriously I Am Shaking Right Now While Im Typing This Comment I Dont Know Why. Im Glad You Also Wished The Same Thing, About Us Still Keeping In Touch Even After The Night With Your Treasured Friends & With Your Atom Family :) I Dont Have Any Words To Say For Now. I Was Really Shocked For What You Just Shared And Opened. To Tell You Honestly, At First I Really Felt That You're Annoyed Every Time I Send PMs To You. I Can See That You're Irritated. But Somehow You Showed Me, And Proved Me Wrong. Thanks B2. Im Also Wishing The Same Thing. Thank You :) - B1 [Almost Cried After Reading :)] Now You're Not A Neutral Friend Anymore :D