Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm too afraid to ask

I wanted to ask you, but I'm afraid to know what will be your answer. It always bothers me.
I also think that maybe I just don't want to ask you this because I don't want to accept a result that i didn't want.
For everything I did wrong, I'm sorry. I know I made you cry, I've been a liar. I said that I won't make you cry but what I did was to make you do it over and over again. I can't follow that good example, you know its a pain to me to know that I am the one who's capable and who's that good at making you cry. How contradicting because I personally always wanted to avoid it but it somehow end that way, there's something wrong with me. The problem is I don't know what's wrong, I'm like guessing a very hard riddle given the clues but still can't deliver. It's like I can't get the right formula. Despite that, I wanted you to know that I won't stop till I find that, I won't stop till all I can get you are all smiles. I always wanted the best for us. I want to go there without hurting you in the process.

Now let me tell you this, with all the crying all the wrong things I've done, I come in to think that you hated me.

But I wanted it to come from you,

Do you hate me?

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